8 Materials List

8th Grade ELA Materials
    LA Binder* (or an Accordion Folder)
    Pencil Bag**
    HW Planner (your own or use planner provided by school)
    Outside Reading (OR) Book
    Literature textbook or class novel (provided by school)
    Writing/Project Folder
    Lit Analysis Folder
    Retreat/ROPE Notebook (provided by school)

*Binder Contents
Your binder should be filled with lined paper and divided into the following sections:
    1. Vocab 
    2. Grammar
    3. Writing/Speaking/MLA
    4. Lit. Terms
    5. Lit. Analysis
You may include other sections that will keep you organized, such as dividing Writing/Speaking/MLA into 3 sections or having a section for returned work.
Options for binder: 3-hole punch, pouch to keep Post-its or index cards

**Pencil Bag Contents
    sharpened or mechanical pencil w/ good eraser
    blue- or black-ink pen (ball-point or gel-tip) 
    red or bright color pen (ball-point or gel-tip)
    highlighters (2+ colors)
    white-out tape (liquid prohibited)
    markers and/or colored pencils
    glue stick