2018 Young Author Faire

Winners of 2018 Oakland Diocese Young Authors Faire

Grand Prize Winners of Oakland Diocese YA Faire

St. Perpetua's TK Class, "TK's Construction Site"
St. Perpetua's 5th Grade Class, "Writing the Way to Freedom"

First Place Winners of Oakland Diocese YA Faire

Jake O. (poetry) "The Best Book of Sports Poems"
Charlotte T. (special genre) "10 Things to do When You Are Bored"
Jonah M. (graphic novel) "The Stellar Ring"
Billy O. (fiction) "Super Cookie 3: Cookie Gone Bad!!?"
Beatrice R. (biography) "St. Francis of Assisi"
Marina C. (children's book) "Benny Next Door"
Katie K. (children's book) "A Day at the Zoo"
Maddy J. (religious theme) "Prayers for Support"

Second Place Winners of Oakland Diocese YA Faire

Madeline H. & Decker L. (fiction) "The Two Princesses and the Dragon"
Kate S. & Anna P. (children's book) "The Unwanted Pencil"

Honorable Mentions at Oakland Diocese YA Faire

Matthew M. (special genre) "What Was Dunkirk?"
Jacob S. (fiction) "The Medallion Mystery"
Matthew B. (religious theme) "Outside the Lines"

St. Perpetua's 2018 Winning Class Books:

TK:  TK's Construction Site
2:  Baby Jesus Tried to Sleep
3:  Kindness K'ounts
4:  Martin Luther King, Jr. Acrostic Poems
5:  Writing the Way to Freedom

4th MLK     5th Book

St. Perpetua's 2018 Winning Student Books:

1st Princess and DragonFirst Grade:
"The Two Princesses and the Dragon" by Madeline H. and Decker L.
"What was Dunkirk?" by Matthew M.

2nd MysterySecond Grade:
"The Medallion Mystery" by Jacob S.
"Sofia Likes her Dance" by Sophie W.
"The Best Book of Sports Poems" by Jake O.
"The Crazy Week of Puppy" by Estelle H. and Elena P.
"Snake Eats the Days of the Week" by Julian D. and Owen M.

3rd Awesome Play Third Grade:
"An Awesome Play" by Jefferson B. and Paul B.
"10 Things to Do When You Are Bored" by Charlotte T.
"The Stellar Ring" by Jonah M.

4th Super Cookie Fourth Grade:
"Super Cookie 3: Cookie Gone Bad!!?" by Billy O.
"Adolf Munzinger: The Man The Myth and Legend" by Maximus M.
"In Hawaii" by Kaitlin M.
"We Are..." by Kyra S.
"Jalapeno Jeff's Guide to Some Very Unfortunate Events in History" by Gavin W. and Milo M.

5th Iron Curtain Fifth Grade:
"Iron Curtain, Book One: Consequences" by Caden H.
"Outside the Lines" by Matthew B.

6th Benny Sixth Grade:
"An Adventure of a Lifetime" by Tatum H.
"St. Francis of Assisi" by Beatrice R.
"Flower People" by Roisin M.
"My (Incredible) Adventure with Moses" by Tyler B.
"Prayers for Support" by Maddy J.
"A Day at the Zoo" by Katie K.
"Benny Next Door" by Marina C.

6th Prayers Seventh Grade:
"The House" by Rowan M.
"Sporty" by Chloe S. and Sierra P.
"The Little Flower" by Eliza H. and Ellie S.
"Tommy Tomato didn't fit in" by Gillian D. and Melissa K.

8th Pencil Eighth Grade:
"A Stirring" by Tommy W.
"The Library after Dark" by Liv D. and Maggie H.
"The Unwanted Pencil" by Kate S. and Anna P.

6th Lily26th Annual Oakland Diocese Young Authors Awards 

All the books listed above will move on to the next stage of competition, at the Diocesan Level.  Books will compete on March 23rd.  Winners of the Diocese-wide competition will be announced by April 13th.  The winners are invited to attend an Awards Ceremony at St. Mary's School in Walnut Creek on Saturday, April 28th at 1:00 - 3:00pm.  Arrive early for parking and to shop with your Scholastic prize money.

***** OLD Information:  Instructions on how to participate in the 2018 St. Perpetua Young Authors Program *****

Books DUE to your Teacher MARCH 1st, 2018 
Before you start writing, please fill out a Young Author Writing Plan and submit it to your teacher or Mrs. Hinton.  After you finish your book, please review and submit the Young Author Checklist, to make sure you have truly finished your book.

Young Author Writing Plan
Young Author Checklist

For more information, Keep Reading...

Young Author's Faire Information

What is the Young Author's Faire?

The Young Author's Faire is a writing competition held in the Catholic Schools Diocese of Oakland.  All students in grades 1-8 are encouraged to participate.  Students participate by writing an original book with original artwork.  Books are bound and submitted to the student's classroom/language arts teacher.  Our school will review all books submitted and select the best writing to be sent to the Diocese-wide competition.  Judges at the Diocese will read all books submitted and select the best writing to be recognized and rewarded at an Awards Ceremony.  Winning students are encouraged to attend the Awards Ceremony where they are given a certificate and scholastic dollars they can spend that day at a Book Faire.

What are the types of books that I can write?

Books can be submitted in eight (8) categories:
  1. Autobiography/Biography.  A true story written about a family member or friend.
  2. Poetry.  A collection of poems or a novel written in verse.
  3. Religious-Theme.  Books about sacraments, prayer, saints or other religious themes.
  4. Non-Fiction/Concept.  Books that teach children a concept such as how to tell time, video game strategy, ABC's or sports.
  5. Graphic Novels.  Illustrated in the comic-book style where the story is told via picture cells with word bubbles or thought bubbles.
  6. Fiction.  A SHORT story.
  7. Children's Picture Books.  Only grades 6-8 may submit a picture book.  These books have illustrations on every page with minimal text.
  8. Class Books.  Written by an entire class.  These books are written in class, under teacher direction.

What are the rules I need to know?

  • All books must be BOUND.  Your teacher or Mrs. Hinton can assist you with binding.  You can schedule time to bind your books with Mrs. Hinton, during lunch.  Do NOT use staples or plastic report covers.  These forms of binding are not accepted.
  • Students must do original writing and illustrations.
  • If an adult assists with binding or typing, there must be a clear statement on the title page as to the type of assistance given.
  • No more than three students may collaborate on one book.
  • All students who write a book together must be in the same grade and must attend St. Perpetua School.
  • Books must include the following elements:  Cover Page, Binding, Title Page, Copyright information and Page Numbers
  • Books must be submitted with a checklist, available on this web page (see top of page).
  • Books must be submitted to the classroom teacher, on or before the DUE date.  We strongly encourage you to turn in your books EARLY so that you have time to correct any errors we see.  Late entries are not accepted! 

To whom should I submit my finished book?

Bound and completed books should be submitted to your classroom/language arts teacher.

When is my book DUE?

Books are due to your classroom teacher BEFORE Thursday, March 1st.  Late entries are not accepted.

Who do I contact for more information?

Contact your classroom teacher, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Conway, or Mrs. Hinton for more information.  Mrs. Hinton is available every day (except Weds), during lunch to help with your books.  She loves to hear your ideas, help you brainstorm, suggest improvements and read early drafts.  She can also help you to design a unique binding for your book.  Please DO use her as a resource.

When is the Diocese-wide Awards Celebration?

Winners of the Diocese-wide competition will be announced by April 13th.  The winners are invited to attend an Awards Ceremony at St. Mary's School in Walnut Creek on Saturday, April 28th at 1:00 - 3:00pm.  Arrive early for parking and to shop with your Scholastic prize money.

Important Dates?

MAR 1:  Absolute LAST date for students to submit books to teachers by 8am.  
MAR 1 - 13:  Judges read all St. P submissions and identify St. P winners.
MAR 15:  Class books due to Mrs. Hinton
MAR 21:  St. Perpetua winners announced in e-News Bulletin
APR 13:  Winning students receive their letters via mail.
APR 28:  Awards Ceremony at St. Mary's School, Walnut Creek



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