Summer Reading Program 2017
Summer Reading is Big Fun!

2017 Summer Reading Program -- Summer Reading is BIG FUN!

All incoming students are encouraged to participate in our Summer Reading Program.  Summer reading is an important tool to help prevent summer slide.  Summer slide is when students skills slip away during the long summer break due to lack of intellectual stimulation.  Please encourage your student and all his/her classmates to participate.

Dates:  June 9th - August 20th, 2017
DUE DATES:  Week of August 21 - 25, 2017, the first week of school.  Late entries are not accepted. TWO Programs:  We offer two (2) summer reading programs by grade level.  Summer Reading BINGO cards are attached here and at the bottom of this web page.  Please make sure to download and complete the proper form for your student(s).  

Grades TK-3 Summer Reading Program.

  • Color an item of the BINGO card each DAY you read for 20 minutes or more.
  • Encourage your classmates to read too.  
  • Class with the most participation will get a class photo in the eBulletin and will get to check-out an extra library book.
  • Complete your BINGO card during summer break, by August 20th.
  • Turn in your completed BINGO card to the school office during the first week of school, August 21 - 25, 2017.
  • Enjoy the Benefits of summer reading
    •  Joy of Reading
    • Public Recognition on Library Bulletin Board
    • FREE Book
    • FREE Dress Pass
    • Ice Cream Social for all Summer Readers in grades TK-3
    • Winning Class get their photo in the eBulletin and they get to check out an extra library book.

Grades 4-8 Summer Reading Program

  • Complete at least one row or one column on BINGO card.
  • Become a VIP Reader by completing two or more rows/columns.
  • Win BLACKOUT BINGO by completing the entire BINGO card.
  • Complete Summer Reading BINGO during summer break, by August 20th.
  • Submit completed Summer Reading BINGO to school office during the first week of school, August 21-25, 2017.  Late entries are NOT accepted.
  • Enjoy the Benefits of Summer Reading:
    • Joy of Reading
    • Public Recognition on Library Bulletin Board
    • FREE book 
    • FREE dress pass
    • Ice Cream Social for VIP and BLACKOUT Readers
    • Circus-themed gift basket for BLACKOUT Readers
    • BLACKOUT day for entire school if 10% of our students become BLACKOUT Readers.  Blackout Day include Free Black Dress for the entire school, Blackout BINGO in the school library during lunch recess, and a possible surprise visitor, during recess.

Summer Reading BINGO Cards:

Grades TK_3_2017_SRP BINGO.pdf
Grades 4_8 2017 SRP Bingo.pdf