Oral Report Information


Oral Reports


One of the skills that the students learn in Second Grade is to speak comfortably in front of a group. This is a skill that will become stronger as each child practices and has opportunities to present orally. Most weeks, the students will be asked to prepare a short, oral report on a specific topic. They will present their reports to the class on their assigned days; Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.



The students will…

1. Prepare a note card with words or phrases that they may need when presenting their report. 

2. Turn these phrases into 5-8 oral sentences. The topic selected must be easy for the children to present.

3. Practice giving the oral report at home to a parent the evening before they are to present.  The students may not read their report from their note card. The words or phrases are to be used as cues only.

4. Come to school prepared with their note card on their assigned oral report day.


Please remember, while the content of these oral reports is important, the objective of these presentations is for your child to become more comfortable speaking in front of others. While the children may be quite nervous the first few times in front of the class, it is exciting to see how confident they become by the end of the year. 


   Sample Oral Report Note Card


    A Fun Vacation


    ·       Disneyland, 3 days

    ·       mom, dad, brother, sister and grandma

    ·       stayed at the Disneyland Hotel

    ·       favorite ride: Pirates of the Caribbean

                         ·       best vacation ever!


Oral Report Topics

Grade 2

April - May 2018

Week of:                   Topic:


April 9                        Share Fairy Tale Book Report


April 16                       No Oral Reports


April 23                       When I am 25 years old, I would   like to… 

                               What do I want to be when I grow up?


April 30                    My mom or dad’s occupation


May 7                                 No oral reports


May 14                              No oral reports


May 24                      Americans Who Have Made A Difference

                In school library from 1:20 to 2:40

                                Parents Invited



Scroll down to see your child’s assigned day of the week. Scroll further to see the topics and schedule for April through May.



Oral Report Days

                                         April through May 

Thursdays                Tuesdays                Wednesdays


Julian A.                     Alex                            Travis                                                      

Estelle              Ian                        Julian D.                                                                        

Katharine                  Claire                           Colin

 Molly                        Libby                           Xavier

 Delilah                      Lola                             Jack L.

 Lena                         Jack M.                     Owen 

 Jake                    Jacob                    Annie

Elena                   Liam                      Annabelle

Ava                            Poppy                    Santino

Sawyer                Hunter                   Sophie

Emma                 Aria                       Cade