4th Grade Spanish
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I will be updating this page as we advance in the curriculum for Spanish.  

Our fourth graders have welcomed our Spanish and are very engaged in learning the language.
We have worked on greetings and goodbyes, they are memorizing the days of the week and the colors to talk about dates, months and seasons.  

On Wednesday, October 3, they will have a vocabulary test on the colors and the days of the week.  Spelling counts! They have taken a couple of handouts they completed for practice at school.  Please help by providing the time and space to study.  I really appreciate your support from home.

This is the vocabulary they have been working on:

Los colores

rojo - red
amarillo - yellow
anaranjado - orange
azul - blue
rosado/ rosa -  pink
morado - purple
gris  -  gray
negro - black 
blanco - white
verde - green
café -  brown

Los días de la semana

lunes  - Monday
martes -  Tuesday
miércoles -  Wednesday
jueves -  Thursday
viernes -  Friday
sábado  - Saturday
domingo - Sunday