Mrs. Jennifer Delaplane

Rejoice Always
Pray Always without Ceasing in Everything 
Give Thanks
For this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus
I Thessalonians 5:16-18

Autumn has arrived!  
 Through the grace of God, w
e made it through our first month and we are off to a beyond great start in Religion class. I hope your students are loving it as much as I am. I am especially loving...

6th grade: watching them evolve into responsible middle school students and having Religion class as a sort of retreat to connect with God on a daily basis.

7th grade: How amazingly attentive and eager to learn this class is as a whole! They seem to especially love our Catholic-based mindfulness practice and sharing their "bellringer responses". We are having so much fun! 

8th grade: Establishing positive relationships and bonding as a team and leaders of St. Perpetual School. They are really embracing being the "elders" of the student body.

I am adding a page of a typical day in Middle School Religion Class in case you are curious!


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