Mrs. Jennifer Delaplane

Rejoice Always
Pray Always without Ceasing in Everything 
Give Thanks
For this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus
I Thessalonians 5:16-18


We are all off to a great start! Everyone is adapting to the new school year in positive ways! Our first batches of Saints Reports were collected on 9/27. Please don't forget to contribute to our World Of Change/Unbound program each month, every little bit helps! 

6th grade
: We have been so busy getting used to middle school and it seems like having Religion class regularly is a positive change for the 6th graders. We're practicing mindfulness and prayer, learning about some fascinating stories from the Old Testament and other Bible study basics, and they just completed a prayer service where everyone had a speaking part in front of the entire school. I am really enjoying this "fresh" group of middle schoolers. They have been engaged, interested in our faith and optimistic about the year ahead in Religion class! 

7th grade: We are fully engrossed in the New Testament and studies about the life of Jesus. Students are doing a fantastic job engaging in WWJD (What Would Jesus DO?) reflections and applying His teachings to current, real life scenarios. We have just begun to work on Homelessness group projects - due 10/18. A service hours activity idea for them is to sleep outside in their backyards on a weekend night to feel what it might be like for some homeless people. They can earn 5 hours for this, the hope is that they will then use this experience as inspiration to help the homeless in some way. 

8th grade: The 8th graders are diving deep into our Catholic faith and church. They should be experts on the Nicene Creed, Lord's Prayer and what it means to join the Catholic Church. They have begun a "Missionary Project" involving research and presentations on a selected missionary organization that promotes the teachings behind our faith and helps others. If they interview a real life missionary, they get big time extra credit! 

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