A Typical Day in Middle School Religion Class
  • Bellringers - everyday - (5-10 minutes) Respond to a quote, meme, question, Bible verse or other as we transition and get settled into our learning about and connections with God and our faith. Students are expected to share responses and they will periodcally be checked in their notebooks for points in their final grades.
  • Mindfulness/Prayer - everyday - (2-5 minutes) We "reset" and connect with God in a mindful way. I like to read the words of Jesus straight from the Bible and/or translated into readings from a book called "Jesus Calling."  Most students really love this gift of peaceful reflection time.
  • "Sessions" readings, activities, lessons - weekly - On Tuesdays each week the students receive a packet that corresponds with a "session" from their Finding God books. They are expected to use designated class time and homework time to read and complete the packet. Assignments from the packets are due on Fridays. There will be a summative assessment every Friday for each session. They are reviewed, corrected and graded either in class together or by me individually and points are used toward their summative grades (90%).
  • Projects - 4-5 weeks - At the beginning of each unit, students are assigned either a group or individual project. Each week class time is offered for them to complete the project. Due dates can be flexible depending on how much tie is necessary and available in class.
  • Saints Reports - monthly - These will be completed in different formats including Flipgrid and at times will be orally presented in front of the class.  Sometimes the students will get to choose their saint of the month, sometimes it will be assigned. Sometimes, students will take notes on different saint reports as a separate assignment. 
  • Unbound (World of Change) - please remember to donate - monthly - to your class's World of Change recipient each month! We will write letters as a class monthly as well.
  • Service Hours - due at the end of each trimester
  • Student Learning Expectations: We address this through various activities and lessons each trimester. The students complete self-evaluations which are also reviewed by the teacher and input as points toward their final grades. 
  • Masses and Retreats and More! - Families are always encouraged to attend Sunday mass, especially the Rise and Shine masses. Middle School students are also encouraged to and invited to join TEAM, St. Perpetua's youth ministry program. They have amazing things planned for the students during this critical time in their faith journeys. This year, the 7th and 8th grade classes are each in charge of a school wide mass. We are learning and teaching spiritual songs so we are actually praying twice! And I'm hopeful for some new retreats to take place but obviously we are busy dedicating our hearts to our Father, Son and Holy Spirit on a regular basis! We'll see what else they have in store for us this year!