8th Grade ELA

Course Content*

Literature Units of Study & Central Texts
Literary Elements & The Art of Language: Literature textbook, short stories, poetry
Different Perspectives: "Flowers for Algernon," Boxers & Saints
The Power of Literature: A Christmas Carol
The Heroic Journey: To Kill a Mockingbird

Process Strategies: Six Traits, Schaffer Model 
MLA Format & Citation
Modes: Informative/Research, Argument, Personal, Narrative, Memoir, Poetry, Lit Analysis

POS & Sentence Structures
Capitalization, Comma, Apostrophe, Quotes
Colon, Semicolon, Dash, Parentheses, Hyphen, Ellipsis, Numbers
Verbals, Parallel Structure
Case, Reference, Agreement, Modifier Placement

Workbook & Quizlet - Weekly Word Lists
Reference Materials, Context Clues
Prefixes & Suffixes, Roots, Analogies


Lit Circles, Socratic Seminar,
Elements of Delivery, Modes of Speaking, ROPE Presentations

*Tentative. Subject to change.