8 Outside Reading

*2019-2020 changes noted in red

How Will OR Be Assessed?

Your OR will be monitored through “Reading Quizzes” on Accelerated Reader andobservation in class. These quizzes will earn you points. Your goal each trimester is to earn over 13 points with a quiz score average of at least 85%. Please note: You might also take quizzes for books assigned in class, like To Kill a Mockingbird. Since OR refers to independent reading outside of class instruction, these quiz points will not count toward the OR goal.


How Will OR Be Graded?

Outside reading is worth 10% of your Literature grade. OR grades will not be entered in PowerSchool until the end of the trimester.


A+ = exceeds 13 points by an entire book, excellent participation observed

= exceeds 13 points w/ 85% or higher avg., consistent participation observed

B = at 12-13 points w/ 85% or higher avg., consistent participation observed

C = 9-11 points w/ 85% or higher avg., consistent participation observed

D = 6-9 or less points or a half-hearted attempt to meet goal, inconsistent participation

F = little evidence of participation, or nothing but books made into movies    

     Please note: This score would drop your grade a full letter, so stay on top of it!


OR Due Dates & Deadlines

The due date is set several days before the deadline (the last possible day to take quizzes). If you are unable to reach 12 points by the due date, you may need to attend SSR at recess or lunch each day until you meet your goal (in time for the deadline).


Due Date                   Deadline

T1:      Monday, 11/4           Wednesday, 11/13 (FYI - No School Mon 11/11)

T2:      Monday, 2/24           Monday, 3/2

T3:      Monday , 5/18          Friday, 5/22


OR Rules & Requirements

  • Before or as you start a book, you must fill out and turn in an “OR Book Record” slip.
  • AR quizzes must be taken at school with Ms. Schwarck.
  • You must finish the quiz in one sitting.
  • You may not use your book or other resources during your quiz.
  • You may not talk during your quiz.
  • You may not sit near someone who is taking the same quiz.
  • You may not talk to someone who is taking an AR Quiz.
  • You may not discuss quiz questions and answers with other students.
  • With the exception of the BOB books announced in the second trimester, you may not read picture books for points.

How Do I Reach My Goal?

  • ¨ Choose books that interest you that you haven’t already taken quizzes for. The more you understand and enjoy what you are reading, the better you will do on your quizzes and the more points you will earn!

    If you have trouble getting into books, try…

    • asking to Mrs. Hinton to recommend books that might interest you.
    • listening to audio books as you read along.


  • ¨ Fill out and turn in an “OR Book Record” slip. Go to AR Book Finder (www.arbookfind.com) to find the info you need.


  • ¨ When planning how many books you will need to read, remember the points shown are only earned if you score 100% on the quiz. For 10-question quizzes, you will not earn any points if you score less than 60%. For 20-question quizzes, you will not earn points if you score less than 70%.


  • ¨ Note the due date and set up a plan. You should prepare to read at least one chapter every day (or for 15 minutes every day), in addition to any assigned reading. Please note that reading includes comprehension. Some plan ideas:


    • Preview book. Break into reading chunks by chapters or page numbers.
    • Check calendar and schedule. Plan a daily/semi-daily reading time. Start ASAP.
    • Plan a quiet reading location and routine (calming exercise, hydration, snack).
    • Enlist a family member to read/listen to same book so you can discuss.
    • Read as you listen to an audio version (until your interest is captured).
    • Use a notecard to slow down and focus line by line.
    • Use a self-monitoring strategy (Read, Cover, Remember, Retell OR Chunk, Read, Stop, Check).


  • ¨ When you are ready to take a quiz, notify Ms. Schwarck, who will inform you when you can take the quiz.


  • ¨ Take a “Reading Practice” quiz on each book.


  • ¨ Keep track of the quiz points you earn in a spot in your LA binder or planner.


What If My Book Has No AR Quiz?

Most of the time, it does, so try again. Double-check spelling. Try variations of titles-- sometimes the books are listed under different titles than you’d expect. Consult Ms. Schwarck or Mrs. Hinton if you are having trouble. If the book is new, you may need to wait until the quiz becomes available or you may complete an OR Report form.


What If I Don’t Pass a Quiz or Meet my Goal?

You will work with Ms. Schwarck and your parent to self-evaluate your habits and devise a plan.


What If I Reach My Real Goal?

Your “real goal” is determined by your highest STAR score, which you want to meet so that you continue to raise your reading aptitude for high school and college. This number will be shared with you and should remain confidential. Additional rewards like free dress passes and treats will be discussed in class.