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3:01 PM (14 minutes ago)
Special Persons' Daywas a wonderful celebration of our graduates, their families and all the special people in our community!Congratulations to Mr. Voltattorni, our yearbook dedicatee!

Many thanks to Renee Moranfor all her efforts and time with choreography and practicing the dances with our students!Thank you to Mollie VanStralen and her crewfor the planning and preparation of the upper lot for this fantastic event!
On Tuesdayof this week,Decker Lammersen was Principal for the Day. Here are her thoughts on what is happening at St. Perpetua:
"Last Friday was Special Persons' Day. I liked that it was Disney themed. I thought TK had the best dance. It was really cute! When I was principal for the day, I got to go into classrooms like I never do. I also got to do a fire drill. I got to blow the whistle and hold the walkie talkie. The best part of the day was talking into the microphone like Mrs. Goodshaw. I am looking forward to being in 2nd grade and getting to make my name tag."

A Prayer for Memorial Day: Remembering Those Who Have Fought for Our Freedom

Dear God,
We thank you for the freedom you have given to us, and for the price that was paid by Christ so that we could live free. We remember today. The cost of it all. The great sacrifice for freedom.
We thank you for the brave men and women who have fought, and continue to fight, so courageously for our nation. We ask for your covering and blessing over them and their families. We pray that you would be gracious and encircle them with your peace. We pray for your great favor and goodness to be evident in their lives.
Please be with all those who wear the uniform, who serve our communities and nation every single day. We ask that you provide your protection, that you would be their guiding force who leads the way, and their rear guard who keeps them safe from behind. We ask that you would draw them to yourself amidst the dangers they face in a dark world, for you are the Truth, you are the Way, you are the Light.

Upcoming Events
Monday, May 21 - Friday, May 25
Library 'Book Swap' for grades TK - 5th (on scheduled class library day)
Friday, May 25
Last Cafe Perpetua of the School Year! ~7:30 am - 10:00 am
ALL library books due back to library at recess
Monday, May 28
Memorial Day Holiday ~ No School
Wednesday, May 30
8th Grade vs. Staff Volleyball Game ~12:00 noon
Final School-Year Order Placed for Scrip cards from ShopWithScrip.com
Thursday, May 31
'Move-Up' Ceremony &8th Grade Farewell in Amphitheatre ~12:00 noon
Friday, June 1
Panther House Open
Memories Night for 8th Graders and their Parents ~6:00 pm
Saturday, June 2
8th Grade Graduation ~11:00 amin the Church
Tuesday, June 5
Last Day for 'Farewell Gift' Contributions for Teachers
Thursday, June 7
Last Day to Report Parent Participation Hours to Ellen Drey
Panther House CLOSES at9:30 am
Field Day for Students
Friday, June 8
Final Day of School
School Mass at8:30 am
NO Panther House
Happy Summer!
'Sign-Me-Up ' Event for Parents:"Texas Hold 'Em Poker Party"6-11 PM
See the full school calendarhere.

This Week's Forms & Links
Office News
Farewell Gift for Departing Teachers
It is in keeping with tradition that the St. Perpetua community likes to say goodbye and show our appreciation to our departing teachers by giving them a cash gift. Your contribution is voluntary, and very appreciated. ClickHEREfor the form.

Family Participation Hours
ALL Parent Participation Hours need to be reported byFriday, 6/7!
Per our school contract, families(TK only, K only, and single-parent families have a 15 hour requirement)arerequired to complete 35 volunteer hours.

Please report all hours to EllenDreyellen.drey@gmail.com.Unfulfilled/unreported hours will be billed on yourJuly 1sttuition statement.

School Supplies for 2018-2019 School Year
Even though we're all in the midst of 'May Madness', it's time to start thinking aboutschool supplies for next year...
  • Families have the option to order packaged school supplies for each grade (K-8) throughSchool Tool Box!You can order online and it will be sent directly to your home.Go towww.schooltoolbox.comto order and customize your school supply list.See theflyerfor more information.Deadline for orders isAugust 1st!
  • School Toolbox is anoptional program.If you would like to purchase your own supplies, you can find the class supply lists for grades K thru 8thHEREon the school website in the 'forms & documents' section. TK students do not need to purchase any supplies.
Dennis Uniforms
Dennis Uniforms is offering aweekend special with free shipping on all orders placed onJune 28th-29th. Our school code isNDHSTP. Visitwww.dennisuniform.comto order.
2018-2019 School Dates
As we look to the new school year, please note the
first day of schoolfor 2018-2019school year will beAugust 20, 2018,andschool willconcludeonJune 7, 2019.
Medications at School
If your child takes medications (prescription or non-prescription) that need to be kept on campus, you will need to bring the medications(in the original container)as well as a newRequest for medication to be taken during school hoursform. Please be aware that if the medicine is a prescription, a physician's signature is also required on the form.An individual form is needed for each medication and each child to take the medication.
Save the Date ~Monday, September 17th!
Our 15thAnnual 'Tee-Off Fore Technology' will be onMonday September 17that the Moraga Country Club

There are four ways to get involved..
Play ~ Sponsor ~ Raffle ~ Volunteer!
We are currently looking forraffle prizes. We needtickets to sporting events, trips, restaurant gift certificates, technology prizes (examples IPAD, GoPro, portable speakers, Apple Watch), golf prizes (examples clubs, wedges, balls)
Please email Sean Sabaresesean.sabarese@colliers.comIf you are interested assisting with raffle prizes.
Did You Know...
DID YOU KNOWthatour beautifulBuddy Bench(auction SMU item) is complete and has been placed under the great oak tree, near the play structure!

Our Buddy Bench was created so that if a child does not have someone to play with, they can sit on the bench and someone will ask them to join in their fun. Encourage your children to look daily for a potential new friend who may need some kindness and friendship.

Decker Lammersen, our 'Principal for the Day', was the first person to enjoy the bench!

Additional tiles from this SMU auction event will grace the Panther House walls for all to see for years to come!
Our Weekly 'Shout-Out'
A Parent Association SHOUT-OUT to Mollie Van Stralen, Brenda LaPlante and Lucy Masonfor making our 'picnic style' lunch at Special Person's Day so wonderful! Thank you, Marvelous Moms!

A second Shout Out to Oscar Jovel and all the wonderful parentswho made the Special Persons Day event clean up and take-down go so smoothly!

A third Shout-Out
to the 21 student-artists, their families, Linda Kenney, and Oscar Jovel
for contributing to our auction item with the tiles which now grace the newBuddy Bench, under the old oak tree, next to the play structure. Thank you to Linda for orchestrating the event! Thank you to Oscar for putting the bench together and laying all the tiles!
A finalShout Out to Suzanne and Kim in the front officefor always being helpful and willing to support our Parent Association this year!
Field Day ~Thursday, June 7th
Field Day is held onJune 7th~ aNOONDISMISSAL day.Classes, representing various countries, compete in fun games during the morning and it's a wonderful way to wrap up the school year!Here are the colors for each class.Students have free dress (comfortable clothing and athletic shoes) for games, andeach class has a designated t-shirt color:

TK & Kinder: Red (England)
1st: White (USA)
2nd: Black (Germany)
3rd: Orange (Holland)
4th: Light Blue (Argentina)
5th: Green (Mexico)
6th: Yellow (Brazil)
7th: Royal Blue (Italy)
Library News
All library books are due this week, no later thanFriday May 25that recess. Please help your child to locate and return all books to the library.
If you have more questions, contact Stacey Hinton atshinton@csdo.org
2017-18 Family Participation Program / Volunteer Hours
Families(TK only, K only, and single-parent families have a 15 hour requirement)arerequired to complete 35 volunteer hours.

Please report all hours to Ellen Dreyellen.drey@gmail.com.Unfulfilled/unreported hours will be billed on yourJuly 1sttuition statement
Mission Effectiveness
Please consider donating your unused bike!
Panther House

Dear Parents,

Thank you to the 21 student-artists, their families, Linda Kenney, and Oscar Jovelfor contributing to our auction item with the tiles which now grace the new Buddy Bench, under the old oak tree, next to the play structure. Thank you to Linda for orchestrating the event! Thank you to Oscar for putting the bench together and laying all the tiles!
Our Buddy Bench was created so that if a child does not have someone to play with, they can sit on the bench and someone will ask them to join in their fun. Encourage your children to look daily for a potential new friend who may need some kindness and friendship!

Don't forget your June calendars, especially if you expect changes from your regular routine. Or email me atlkenney@csdo.org. ClickHEREfor calendar.
Since June is such a short month,we will be combing the May and June Panther House early morning/ after school charges into one billing cycle. That means you will have no charges in June, but itwill show up in the July statement.
As you begin to shift your attention to the fun of summer and purchasing new sports equipment or action toys, please think about donating softly-worn items to Panther House for use next year. Things like scooters and balls would be greatly appreciated!
As your family's plans shift in the coming days, please remember to let Panther House and the office know, so that we can accommodate your needs.
  • Friday, June 1:NoonDismissal, Panther HouseOPEN
  • Thursday, June 7:NoonDismissal, Panther House OPEN before school;CLOSEDat9:30 am
  • Friday, June 8:10:00 amDismissal, Panther HouseCLOSED
Mrs. Kenney
Cafe Perpetua

Please join usthisFridaymorningatCafé Perpetua's last cafe' of the year!! We will have all your favorites and we're making extras of those items that sell out fast (think chocolate cake and coffee cakes)!

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone!Thank you for supporting your children's Garden of Learning.

Love,Monette Meo
Counselor's Corner

Growth! As the transition to summer approaches, it is a wonderful time to reflect with your student(s) about the growth they made this school year. Not just academically, but be sure to recognize the progress they have made socially, emotionally and behaviorally.
It is also important to be able to discuss any mistakes that were made along the way and in what ways those mistakes have actually helped them with their growth. Maybe they had a low grade, a disagreement with a friend, ended up on the Blue Couch a couple times? Hopefully they can discuss some mistakes (and/or poor decisions) with reflection, logic and a different understanding. Instead of sweeping problems under the rug, it is a great time to be able to admit that we all make mistakes and that it is important to take responsibility and learn from those mistakes.
It is important to discuss challenges and successes with a open minds and let your student know they can speak with you about these things without being judged or reprimanded. They need to realize they have learned from consequences (whether the consequences were natural or imposed) and you are there for them unconditionally. I often start those conversations with an example of a mistake I made and ask them for examples of mistakes they have made. Or I tell my children how proud I was when they learned from a specific mistake.
Lastly, If you have a moment - please show the below picture to your student(s) andask them which of the two orange dots are larger.
Then bring out a ruler to measure the orange dots. Although I am sharing a visual illusion here, this is a metaphor for how we often compare ourselves (our success, our happiness, our beauty, etc.) to others who are nearby (or stars we see on screens and media).We need to consistently remind ourselves and our kids that we should not be comparing. Our own unique experiences and qualities shape us - and we must remember to focus on our personal growth. Even through the end of the school year and the summer.
Kelli Bacher
St. Perpetua School Counselor
SEEDs Enrichment Activities
Here are some May enrichment events sponsored by SEEDS!
  • TK: DLUX Puppets "Alice in Wonderland" at the Lesher Center for the Arts
  • K: "Robin Hood" at the Lesher Center for the Arts
  • 4th Grade: LPIE "Optics/Eye Dissection", "Brain Perceptions" and Life in a Drop of Pond" (on-site instruction)
  • 5th Grade: LPIE "Weather"(on-site instruction)
  • 5th grade:Field Trip to Sacramento
  • 8th Grade: Civil War Demo (on-site instruction)
SCRIP Fundraising Program
DID YOU KNOW? If you have set up aPresto Payaccount and are exclusively ordering'Scrip Now!'(certificates that go right to your phone for activation),you can order at anytime and have it immediately delivered to your phone!

This is a great option for on-the-spot shopping needs throughout the yearandsummertime purchases (when physical cards are not available for order).You'll be amazed at how quickly your profit rebates can grow!

You can alsoautomatically earn Scrip profitwhen you register your credit cards with the wide variety of vendors participating in the e-Scrip program. You earn credit automatically when you pay for dining, shopping, etc. with the e-Scrip vendors.
Your Scrip profit requirement helps Parent Association bridge the gap between tuition revenue and education costs.In addition, through your Scrip participation above and beyond your requirement, you can earn tuition credit for your family with your continued Scrip purchases!
As a reminder,we carry FIVE scrip vendor cards in the office: Diablo Foods ($250), Lunardi's ($100), Mangia ($50), Cooperage ($50), and Metro Lafayette ($50)
Scrip Program Rules Update
  • As you know, the scrip program is a Parent Association fundraising requirement. We rely on the scrip profit (or buy-out) funds to help bridge the gap in school operating costs vs. tuition revenues.
  • We are happy to continue to take scrip purchases via credit card (physical card has to be run in the office), buteffective5/1/18the credit card fees associated with the scrip purchase via credit card payment will be deducted from the family profit tally. We will continue to offer tuition credit above the designated profit level.
Clickherefor an overview/details of our Scrip program.

Scrip:www.shopwithscrip.com(Gift Cards)
- (St. Perpetua code:LC2D474L8876)
eScrip:www.escrip.com(On-line Mall)
- (St. Perpetua code:136913749)
Thank you,
Carondelet's Summer School Opportunities
De la Salle Summer Summer Camp
De la Salle offers a variety of summer camps for incoming kindergarten through 9th grade boys and girls!

Options include football, basketball, baseball, soccer, conditioning, track & field, wrestling, lacrosse, volleyball, and theatre/broadcasting.

Clickherefor information flyer. Clickherefor website registration.
St. Perpetua Parish
TheTIMELY PERPETUANis a monthly e-newsletter that keeps you informed about the many things happening at St. Perpetua. If you don't receive it please visit theParish websiteand click on "Join Our Mailing List."
Special Intentions
We remember those in need of our prayers:
  • Sam Travale, grandfather of Cole, Paxton and Pierce Travale
  • Violet deBorja, grandmother of Danica Duque, who is undergoing medical treatment
  • Eveline Adhiyasa, grandmother of Kyle Jones, who is ill
  • Zilma Rodriguez, grandmother of Keilah and Tomas Ezaddin, who is ill
  • Bess Mason, grandmother of Matti and Annie Sena, who is undergoing medical treatment
  • Alumni parent of St. Perpetua School who is undergoing medical treatment
  • A member of our community going through medical treatment
  • Warren Jones, parent of Kyle Jones
We remember those who have died:
  • Angie Riggio, Great-Grandmother of Marina and Gianna Miller
  • Jeanne Van, Grandmother of Mrs. Kelli Bacher
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