Welcome Letter

Dear Friends,

As St. Perpetua School celebrates more than 50 years of faith, knowledge and service,  we are grateful for the many factors that contribute to our school family.  Our students are able to benefit from state of the art technology and hands on enrichment activities which are possible due to the tremendous parent support of our community.  Our parents infuse our campus with their enthusiasm and efforts which are fostered through numerous social and fundraising opportunities.  All of our teachers demonstrate their commitment to education through on-going professional development and a willingness to impliment new strategies and techniques with a dedication to children and their success. 

St. Perpetua students graduate are equipped not only with the academic skills necessary to be successful at which ever high school they choose to attend but the awareness and desire to spread the Gospel message of love and service.  Through daily prayer, the preparation and participation at liturgical celebrations, and the integration of morals and religious values throughout all curriucular areas, students develop an understanding of Catholic doctrine and investigate ways to help others in our local and global community.  Father John Kasper is pastor of St. Perpetua Parish and celebrates Mass with our students throughout the school year. 

I am looking forward to sharing many more of our achievements with you on this site.  If you have further questions regarding St. Perpetua School, please feel free to call!


Peace and Blessings!

Karen Goodshaw