Technology Program

Technology Program

The technology coordinators assist teachers with the integration of the technology curriculum into lesson plans and assessment, as well as provide specific technology instruction to students.  The staff regularly attends professional development in technology, sharing best practices, and arranging opportunities for such professional development for the faculty.  The technology coordinators also facilitate and maintain communication among faculty and staff, parents, students, and the parish.

Technology is an integral part of each student’s learning experience at St. Perpetua School and is fully integrated into the daily classroom experience. St. Perpetua School leverages technology through:

●    An information technology center, complete with computers for every student.

●    Interactive SMART boards in every classroom, featuring inter-write pads and document cameras.  Plus, learner response devices provide opportunities for student involvement and assessment and allows teachers to deliver dynamic lessons tailored to the immediate assessment of student performance.

●    Mobile Apple iPad/MacBook Learning Lab carts providing flexible and convenient wireless access to technology, easily transforming classrooms into a digital learning environment.

Technology is also incorporated into the various curriculum strands through lesson plans, student projects and assessment.  St. Perpetua School students follow the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) standards, which identify higher-order thinking skills, digital citizenship, digital tools for research, and knowledge of systems and applications. Due to the ever-changing environment of technology, our students learn how to navigate through various programs and use different types of technology to solve problems and aide learning.