7th Grade -Spanish
May 17, 2019

Our 7th graders have memorized phrases to communicate all their needs in a restaurant in Spanish.  We are hoping to go to a field trip on Wednesday, May 22.  We are still in need of drivers and chaperons.  You can make this field trip possible if you volunteer. 

The last weeks of school will have us working with verbs and adjectives.

Please encourage your child to continue to memorize Spanish terms and to remain focused. This will ensure that they finish the year with great success!


23 de enero, 2019

¡Felíz año nuevo!

It's been a busy month this January!

Students learned about Los Reyes Magos, a traditional Christmas celebration that takes place in Spanish-speaking countries.  7th grade is memorizing phrases to talk about dates, the weather, and seasons.  They had a vocabulary test on January 22.  They will continue to practice talking about the weather, seasons, and special dates. We will begin the process of writing a script to prepare an oral presentation.
7th gr picture 
We played Kahoot, an on-line game prepared by a group of students, and had lots of fun while reinforcing vocabulary in the classroom.  I have posted links to Quizlet in Google Classroom and they should be using the flashcards and games to help memorize vocabulary at least 4 times a week.

During the last week in January, students will be guided to write a script to do an oral presentation: Weather Reports.  Time will be given in class to put together the Slide Presentation on Google Classroom.  Students are encouraged to practice reading their script out-loud daily to help in the memorization process.


Cecilia Lopez
Spanish Teacher


16 de octubre, 2018
Séptimo grado

7th graders began sharing ways to learn the phrases they feel are essential if they were to go as exchange students to a Spanish-speaking country.  The first group to share the vocabulary and phrases chose to learn how to express time and at what time different events happen.  They began teaching their classmates what they knew about telling time. They prepared a slide presentation and a worksheet. 

I supplemented by challenging to them to learn other ways they might hear Hispanics telling time. Students are mastering telling time using expressions such as "quarter after" or "quarter before the hour",  "(ten) minutes before the hours", "half past the hour", etc.

Today they were given lots of practicing at answering the question "¿Qué hora es?" and responding using the new expressions. They made an origami booklet to illustrate the new expressions and assist them in memorizing them. Students should memorize the expressions and practice telling time every day for 10 minutes. On Friday, they will play a "Bingo" game created by one of our 7th graders. 

Students should memorize the new expressions by Friday. A small prize will be awarded during the game to those who win.

There will be a summative assessment on telling time on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23.


21 de septiembre, 2018
Séptimo grado

Students were asked to brainstorm on what would be the essential phrases and questions they would need in Spanish if they were going to live for a year in a Spanish-speaking country. They were asked to make a list of phrases in English and be ready to work on them today. Unfortunately, many did not complete the assignment.They might have felt rushed on the way out of class and had not time to write it on their planners.  

I have extended the due date until Monday.  I have suggested for them to browse through their textbook for ideas.  They should come out with about 20 phrases or questions they feel are important to learn to survive a year of immersion in Spanish.  They can write these phrases in English.This is a homework assignment due Monday, September 24.

Have a great weekend!

Cecilia Lopez
Spanish Teacher 17 de septiembre, 2018
Séptimo grado


17 de septiembre, 2018

¡Viva México!  With that phrase yelled 3 times in the Mexican Palace of Government, Mexicans began the celebrations of their Independence Day in Mexico City yesterday.

On Tuesday, students will hear the story of the night before the beginning of the independence war which is called "el grito". This is usually celebrated on the 15th of September at midnight.

In class, we continue to review and bring to memory the basic vocabulary for communication found on the Preliminary chapter.  I am trying to establish the expectations to pay attention to detail when memorizing words and phrases, and to pronunciation in order to develop a foundation of writing using proper grammar and spelling. Hopefully as they learn to speak in Spanish in the class, the skill of writing is being developed simultaneously. 

This week we will work on responding to class directions in Spanish and numbers.

Students should be visiting Quizlet every day for 10 minutes.  Click on "Useful Links" to find the link. They should be repeating the Spanish words out loud (make sure their volume is up in the computer), and committing the vocabulary to memory.  Students should try all modes of practice on Quizlet, including writing of the vocabulary and testing themselves.

Thank you for your continued support.  

Cecilia Lopez
Spanish Teacher
St. Perpetua School


7 de septiembre, 2018
Séptimo grado

Please continue to memorize vocabulary (and spelling) on page 22 in your textbook. Follow the link to Quizlet in Google Classroom.

Read phrases to introduce yourself out loud each day 5 times.  Be ready to participate in our oral communication activity on Tuesday, September 11.  Have a great weekend!


6 de septiembre del 2018
Séptimo grado

Students who scored low on their quiz in 7th grade will be given a second opportunity to take the examencito (quiz) on greetings, asking and telling how you are, and goodbyes in Spanish this Friday, September 7. 

Make sure to practice your spelling and have the phrases well memorized.

We continue to review previous knowledge on this chapter. I am assessing and reinforcing as I discover what areas need improvement.  

Objectives in this chapter are:  
 - Greet people at different times of the day
 - Introduce yourself to others
 - Respond to classroom directions
 - Begin using numbers
 - Tell time
 - Identify parts of the body
 - Talk about things in the classroom
 - Use the Spanish alphabet to spell words
 - Describe weather and seasons

Culture:  Mayan Glyps, Mexican holidays, Los sanfermines, the Aztecs and the Aztec calendar
        Reversed seasons in the Norhtern and Southern Hemispheres.



¡Bienvenidos a nuestra clase de séptimo grado!

Aquí puedes encontrar las noticias de todo lo que pasa en nuestra clase de español. Empezamos el año escolar recordando todo lo que hemos aprendido en los años anteriores.

Welcome to our 7th grade Spanish class website!

In this page you will be able to find information about what is going on in our 7th grade Spanish class.
We've started the new school year by reviewing what we have learned in the past.  We are using our textbook and workbook,  "Realidades 1A".

We began the Para Empezar chapter.  Students have reviewed basic vocabulary for greetings, ask and tell how someone is, and say good-bye.  

Students will have an "examencito" (quiz) on greetings, ask and tell how someone is (formal and informal), and telling someone goodbye using an alternative vocabulary to "adiós". This "examencito" will be on Friday, August 31.