2020 Battle of the Books (BOBs)

Battle of the Books

You be the Judge!

We have select 16 picture books to be contenders in the upcoming Battle of the Books. All 16 books are on display, in the library.  Students in grades 3-8 may come into the library during class visits, recess, and lunch to read and evaluate the contenders.  After reading a book, simply fill out a Judges Worksheet and place it on the Librarian's Desk.  All worksheets will be tallied to create a score for each book.

At the end of February, upper elementary and jr. high students will fill out 2020 Brackets with their best "guess" as to the books that will win each battle.  Brackets are similar to March Madness for College Basketball.  Each day, a winner will be posted on the library bulletin board.  At the end, students with the most correct guesses will win a fabulous prize.  Good luck Panthers!

2020 Battle of the Picture Books Winner:

Dutchess and Guy Book jacket

Dutchess and Guy
A Rescue-to-Royalty Puppy Love Story

Written by Nancy Furstinger

Illustrated by Julia Bereciartu

Published 2019 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Round 3 Winners:

10 Rules book jacket
  • Dutchess and Guy
  • 10 Rules of the Birthday wish

Round 2 Winners:

  • Dutchess and Guy
  • Mary wears what she wants
  • Planting stories
  • 10 Rules of the Birthday wish

Round 1 Winners:

  • Dutchess and Guy
  • Good Egg
  • Lena's Slippers
  • Mary wears what she wantsMary wears what she wants book jacket
  • Planting stories
  • Quiet boat ride
  • 10 Rules of the Birthday wish
  • Water Land

16 Contenders for Battle of the Books:

  • Circle
    Dutchess and Guy
    Give me back my bones
    Good egg
    Lena's slippers
    Lion of the sky
    Lost forest
    Mary wears what she wants
    Pigeon has to go to school!
    Planting stories
    Predator and Prey
    Quiet boat ride
    Spy who played baseball
    Ten rules of the Birthday wish
    Trains run!
    Water land