Library World Catalog Information
Library users may search the school library's collection anytime online.  Simply click on the Library Catalog hyperlink and you will be directed to the collection's online catalog.  The search screen is simple to use.  You can simply enter any search term or use the pull down menu to search by title, author, call number, etc. 
Click here to access the online library catalog:  Library Catalog
Place a Hold -- To place a hold on an item in the catalog, click "Request Hold" and then fill out the online form.  It will send an email notice to the school librarian.
Item not found? -- If you are searching for an item that does not exist in the school collection, please notify Mrs. Hinton so that she can add it to the Library's Wish List. 
You can contact the school librarian at [email protected].
If you would like to check out an e-book, click on this link to FolletShelf and login.  Contact Mrs. Hinton if you need a Username and password.  FolletShelf