Storytime Videos of 2020

Spring 2020 Storytime Videos

Week 10

May 29 Fairy Tale Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Fogarty)
May 28 National Treasures Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Lee)
May 27 Teddy Bear Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Sicotte)
May 26 Shadow and Light Storytime (Mystery Guest:UCLA students)

Week 9

May 22 Dog Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Hinton & Rio)
May 21 Unicorn Storytime (Mystery Guest: Semenchuk)
May 20 Friendship Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Kelly)
May 19 Names Storytime (Mystery Guest:  Mrs. Fogarty)
May 18 Rockin' Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Sicotte)


May 15 Quarantine Craft Friday (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Semenchuk)
Quarantine Craft Highlights
May 14 Trivia Thursday (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Bacher)
May 13 Wacky Wednesday (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Delaplane)
Wacky Wednesday Highlights & Trivia Winners
May 12 Tik Tok Tuesday (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Holmes)  Tik Tok Tuesday Highlights
May 11 Town Hall

Week 7

May 8 Storytime (Mother's Day, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Kozel)
May 7 Storytime (Love, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Fogarty)

May 6 Storytime (Cat-n-mouse 2, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Semenchuk)

May 5 Storytime (Construction, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Sicotte)

May 4 Storytime (Ocean, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Conway)

Week 6

May 1 Storytime (Barnyard, Mystery Guest: Mrs. O'Sullivan)
April 30 Poem in Your Pocket Day (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Williams & Goodshaw)
April 29 Storytime (Cat-n-Mouse, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Semenchuk)
April 28 Storytime (Penguins, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Fogarty)
April 27 Storytime (We Are the Good, 2nd Grade book narrated by St. P faculty and staff)

Week 5

April 24 Storytime (Author Visit with Lindy Novak)
April 23 Storytime (Birthday Surprise, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Kozel)
April 22 Storytime (Earth Day, Mystery Guests: Jonah and Seri)
April 21 Storytime (Battle of Picture Books, Mystery Guests: Mrs. Meo & Bacher)
April 20 Storytime (Poetry, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Fogarty)
Spring Break
Author Visit read-aloud of 5 Pickles and Kraut stories by Robin Gigoux Week 4 April 8 Storytime (Alligator, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Kozel) April 7 Storytime (Easter, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Milosevich) April 6 Storytime (Pajama Day, Mystery Guest: Mrs. Marchetti) Week 3

April 3 Storytime (Mystery Guest:  Mrs. Kozel)

April 2 Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Fogarty) April 1 Storytime (Student-led, Mystery Guest: Libby) March 31 Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Segali) March 30 Storytime (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Heiskell) Week 2 March 27 Storytime Video (Author Visit: Robin Gigoux) March 26 Storytime Video (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Semenchuk) March 25 Storytime Video (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Ziser, Mrs. Sicotte) March 24 Storytime Video (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Fogarty, Kindergarten book) March 23 Storytime Video (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Stangel) Week 1 March 20 Storytime Video (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Holmes & 2nd Grade) March 19 Storytime Video (Mystery Guest: Campbell) March 18 Storytime Video (Mystery Guest: Mrs. Goodshaw)

Activities for Story Time Programs

2020 Sumer Reading BINGO! (download and complete during Summer Break)
Unicorn Activity Sheet for May 21 storytime.
Legend of Rock, Paper, Scissors for May 18 storytime.
Cat Maze for May 6 storytime.
Barnyard Animal Sounds for May 1 storytime.
Penguin Maze activity for April 28 storytime.
Poem in Your Pocket 2020 for the month of April.
Holy Week Resources for Week 4.
Easter Egg Hunt coloring for April 7 storytime.
Easter Egg outline to color for April 7 storytime.
Secret Agent Splat Activity Booklet for April 2 storytime.
Friendship Day Coloring for April 1 storytime.
Friendship Chain cut-out for April 1 storytime.
House Activity.  Build, draw, or photograph house(s), goes with March 30 storytime.
They All Saw a Cat Craft
.  Collect paper, pencil and coloring crayons/markers/paints. This craft goes with March 26 storytime.
HappyBirthdayDrSeuss.pdf this funpage goes with March 23 storytime.
Train/Math worksheet for March 20 storytime.
How-to make an ARFY puppet.pdf for March 19 Storytime.