5th Grade Spanish
¡Felíz Año Nuevo!

Happy New Year, St. Perpetua!

I am thrilled as we start our new year.  First of all thank you for all your good wishes, gifts, and support you sent my way this Christmas season.  I am truly enjoying teaching your children. I look forward to continue building the Spanish curriculum at St. Perpetua.

Last week we began a new unit: Shopping and bargaining in Spanish.  Students were given a dialogue to memorize and they are preparing things to shop in a "mercado".
They began making tin art in a authentic Mexican way.  They will also make paper flowers and other items to sell to each other in a pretend "mercado".

The dialogue they should memorize is the following:

Mercado - Dialogue for 5th Grade.pdf

Enjoy the journey!

Cecilia Lopez
Spanish Teacher


17 de Septiembre, 2018
Quinto grado

¡Viva México!  With that phrase yelled 3 times from the balcony at the Mexican Palace of Government, Mexicans began the celebrations of their Independence Day in Mexico City yesterday.

On Thursday, students will hear the story of the night before the beginning of the independence war which is called "el grito". This is usually celebrated on the 15th of September at midnight.

Students will learn about Guinea Equatorial, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  They'll see a video on Mexico and will get a classical Mexican candy made out of coconut, milk and sugar to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.  

They'll learn phrases to greet at different times of the day, say goodbyes using other vocabulary words besides adiós and will learn phrases to introduce themselves.  A copy of the flash cards will be distributed to students to take home to study.

Please help your student memorize these phrases for communication at home. 10 minutes a day studying the phrases will be an ongoing homework assignment. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Cecilia Lopez
Spanish Teacher
St. Perpetua School


¡Bienvenidos a quinto grado!

I am so happy to be teaching Spanish at St. Perpetua!

Our 5th graders are wonderful and have been showing me how much they remember from previous years.
We began reviewing numbers, days of the week, months, and abc's.  They know how to count to 100! We will work in identifying numbers out of sequence. They also remember the days of the week, and the months.  We will work on talking about calendar dates, and how is the weather.

We began a unit of the Spanish-speaking countries of the world.  Students were assigned countries and next week I will take them to the computer lab to do some simple research about them.  They will present their findings to the class in the weeks that follow.  I will periodically complement their presentations with a video clip of the country to give them a taste of what's to see and do there while vacationing.

In this unit we will cover the following objectives:
  • Greet people at different times of the day
  • Introduce yourself to others
  • Respond to classroom directions
  • Begin using numbers (in context - recognize them out of sequence)
  • Learn about the Spanish-Speaking countries of the world
  • Learn about los sanfermines and the feast of San Fermin in Spain
  • Learn about some Mexican holidays