6th Grade Spanish

May 17, 2019

We are on the last stretch of the year in our Spanish classes.
  This is an important time of the year.   Students have been doing great and their grades reflect it. 

Please encourage them to remain focused and to continue to study for quizzes and tests as the year ends.
  This will assure that their grade doesn't slip down on the last weeks.

6th grade continues to converse about activities they like to do (verbs) and will memorize adjectives to describe others. There will be plenty of reinforcing and class work to help them practice describing others in Spanish during class. Please provide a space and time for your child to study to memorize the adjectives and expressions for this unit.  Homework and links to videos will be posted in Google Classroom.


23 de enero, 2019

Dear parents,

January has been a busy month in our Spanish class!

Sixth graders continue to reinforce use of vocabulary for body parts and vocabulary for school supplies. They've been recently introduced to the nouns for school subjects in Spanish.  We are using the vocabulary in context as we increase phrases to communicate. They’ll learn about Spanish articles (feminine and masculine, singular and plural).  Please encourage your child to read vocabulary and phrases out-loud 3 times each day to assist memorization.

Link to Quizlet has been added to Google Classroom. They should be using the website to study vocabulary, play games, and test themselves at least 4 times a week for 10 minutes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Cecilia López
Spanish Teacher


23 de octubre, 2018
Sexto grado

Today, sixth graders practiced counting by 3's then by 5's to 60 in Spanish.  They have been working with writing and recognizing the numbers from 1-100 out of sequence in Spanish.  They've had some fun playing BINGO en español! 

They've added two questions and the answers to the dialogue to talk about themselves.  A handout was given to them today and they practiced having the conversation with a partner several times during class.  

On Friday, October 26, 6th grade will have a test on the dialogue they have been rehearsing.
They should study the dialogue until memorized (make sure you can ask and respond the questions without needing to refer to the handout). The questions are:

¿De dónde eres?  - Where are you from?
Soy de -  I am from...  (California, Lafayette, Los Estados Unidos, Walnut Creek, etc).

¿Cuántos años tienes?  - How old are you?
Tengo _______  años.

They will have to fill-in the response to all the questions in the dialogue.  They should practice writing the answers several times. Spelling always counts in Spanish!

Have a wonderful week!

Cecilia Lopez
Spansih Teacher
St. Perpetua School 

17 de septiembre, 2018
Sexto grado

¡Viva México!  With that phrase yelled 3 times in the Mexican Palace of Government, Mexicans began the celebrations of their Independence Day in Mexico City yesterday.

On Tuesday, students will hear the story of the night before the beginning of the independence war which is called "el grito". This is usually celebrated on the 15th of September at midnight.

In class, we continue to review and bring to memory the basic vocabulary for communication found on the Preliminary chapter.

On Tuesday they will have an oral assessment on introducing themselves, and on Thursday they will have a written assessment on the same phrases.   I am trying to establish the expectations to pay attention to detail when memorizing words and phrases, and to pronunciation in order to develop a foundation of writing using proper grammar and spelling. Hopefully as they learn to speak in Spanish in the class, the skill of writing is being developed simultaneously. 

This week they'll be introduced to responding to class directions in Spanish and numbers.

Students should be visiting Quizlet every day for 10 minutes.  Click on "Useful Links" to find the link. They should be repeating the Spanish words out loud (make sure their volume is up in the computer), and committing the vocabulary to memory.  Students should try all modes of practice on Quizlet, including writing of the vocabulary and testing themselves.

Thank you for your continued support.  

Cecilia Lopez
Spanish Teacher
St. Perpetua School


7 de septiembre, 2018
Séptimo grado

Please continue to memorize vocabulary (and spelling) on page 22 in your textbook. Follow the link to Quizlet in Google Classroom.

Read phrases to introduce yourself out loud each day 5 times.  Be ready to participate in our oral communication activity on Tuesday, September 11.  Have a great weekend!


September 6, 2018

Students in 6th grade that scored low on their quiz last week will be given a second opportunity to take the examencito (quiz) on greetings, asking and telling how you are, and goodbyes in Spanish this Tuesday, September 11. Make sure to practice your spelling and have the phrases well memorized.

We continue to review previous knowledge on the Para empezar chapter. I am assessing and reinforcing as I discover what areas need improvement.  

Objectives in this chapter are:  
 - Greet people at different times of the day
 - Introduce yourself to others
 - Respond to classroom directions
 - Begin using numbers
 - Tell time
 - Identify parts of the body
 - Talk about things in the classroom
 - Use the Spanish alphabet to spell words
 - Describe weather and seasons

Culture:  Mayan Glyps, Mexican holidays, Los sanfermines, the Aztecs and the Aztec calendar
        Reversed seasons in the Norhtern and Souther Hemispheres.



August 28, 2018
6th Grade Spanish News

Students in 6th grade will have an examencito (quiz) on greetings, asking and telling how someone feels, and goodbyes.  The examencito will be on Friday, August 31.

Students in 6th grade have been practicing greeting, asking and telling how someone feels, and saying goodbye (formal and informal) in our Spanish class.  

They were introduced to Google Classroom.  A class has been set up for them to access from home to be able to complete assignments and projects at home. Please make sure to remind them that they have to log in using their St. Perpetua e-mail account. 

Last Tuesday, all students were able to log in and follow the link to their vocabulary and phrases flash cards found in Quizlet. If they follow the link through Google Classroom, they do not have to create an account in their name.  


August 21, 2018

6th grade Spanish news

¡Bienvenidos! We've started our Spanish 1A program!

We have Spanish every Tuesday and Friday. Students will need the following materials for class:

1.  Realidades 1A textbook
2.  Spiral notebook (70 pages) 8 1/2 X 11
3.  1 inch binder or a section and binder paper in an organizational binder.
4.  At least 2 sharpened pencils and 2 black or blue pens
5.  On red or green pen to correct work
6.  Glue stick, scissors, crayons/markers

Our first unit is the Preliminary Chapter, Para empezar, will cover greetings, introductions, goodbyes; numbers, time; parts of the body. Grammar will cover lexical use of estar, ser, and plural commands.
The cultural focus will be on appropriate behavior when greeting someone. 

Upon completion of this chapter, your child will be able to:

  • greet people
  • introduce themselves to others
  • begin using numbers, tell time, and talk about things related to the calendar
  • talk about things in the classroom
  • describe weather conditions and identify seasons