California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF)
*CJSF applies to 7th and 8th grade students only

2nd Trimester Applications due by Fri 12/11/15 (7th & 8th grade only) 
What is CJSF?


Founded in 1967, the California Junior Scholarship Federation is the oldest junior high school scholastic, scholarship institution in the state of California. CJSF is part of CSF, the oldest scholarship institution in California, founded in 1921.

CJSF emphasizes high standards of scholarship, and community service for California junior high school students. CJSF encourages service to the school and the community while fostering pride in academic scholastic achievement.


What are the benefits of CJSF membership?

CJSF grooms the student for CSF membership in high school.  Membership also brings with it the opportunity to participate in activities which benefit the school, the community, and the student.  CJSF membership will be a valuable experience to reference when applying to high schools, leadership or service programs, and jobs.



What is Honor Membership?


To achieve Honor Membership status, you must be a CJSF member for two trimesters of your 7th grade year and at least two trimesters of your 8th grade year or at least one trimester from your 7th grade year and all three trimesters of your 8th grade year. Please Note: You must reapply each trimester.


What awards do CJSF members receive?


All CJSF members will receive the following:


·      A membership card

·      A certificate of recognition


Those who obtain Honor Membership by the end of their 8th grade year will receive the following:

·         A CJSF Honor Membership Pin

·         A certificate of recognition

·         Special recognition at your graduation ceremony



How do I become a CJSF member?


To become a CJSF member, you must submit a membership application, with an attached copy of your report card, and achieve the guidelines outlined below.  Please Note: You must reapply each trimester.


A. Academic & Personal Conduct

       1. Trimester membership is based on work done in the previous trimester.  To be eligible, you must have earned 12 points in the following courses for the previous trimester:  Religion, Math, English, Literature, Social Studies, and Science.

Please Note: Seventh grade students cannot apply until the second trimester.

                    Points cannot be earned through Spanish, Art, Music, or PE.


               2. CJSF points are granted as follows:

              A     =     3 points

              B     =     1 points

              C     =     0 points

               3. The following will disqualify you from eligibility: 
  • A D/F in any subject
  • Averaging below a 2 in your overall conduct
  • Any instance of cheating or plagiarism
  • Engaging in disrespectful, defiant, or unsafe behavior that leads to an office referral
  • A school suspension



B. Service

1. Attend any CJSF meetings, where you will work with other CJSF members to plan

    and complete service projects for your school or community.  Meeting dates will be



2. Absences may require that you meet with CJSF advisors and complete assigned tasks outside of meetings to receive credit for service.



Questions?  Contact your CJSF Advisor.

Ms. Schwarck

[email protected]

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