Student Learning Expectations

Student Learning Expectations

A St. Perpetua Student is an individual whose knowledge, skills, and attitudes exhibit..

Catholic Faith. He/She . ..

  • demonstrates a basicknowledge of the Catholic faith and the teachings of the Church
  • prays using memorized andspontaneous prayer
  • prepares and participatesin liturgies, prayer services and retreats
  • reads and reflects on theWord of God
  • participates in celebrationof the sacraments
  • respects self and others
  • serves others daily, withinthe school community and beyond
  • makes decisions based onCatholic beliefs and moral values
  • participates in school,parish and community life

Learning as a life-long endeavor. He/She . . . 
  • demonstrates a solid academic foundation and an ability to apply prior knowledge
  • utilizes varied learning styles
  • accepts challenges
  • explores new ideas
  • accesses information and expands knowledge through a variety of sources, including technology
  • analyzes information; thinks logically and critically

A healthy, well-rounded identity. He/She . . .

  • takes responsibility for his/her own actions
  • communicates effectively
  • resolves conflict using Catholic values
  • sets goals and takes steps to achieve them
  • possesses a sound/health mind and body
  • works both independently and cooperatively
  • uses time management and organizational skills
  • appreciates the arts

Respect for our world and all its cultures. He/She . . .

  • demonstrates respect, patience and compassion for all people
  • relates to others with justice, charity, patience and tolerance
  • explores contributions of diverse cultures and beliefs
  • is aware of environmental issues
  • practices conservation
  • expresses understanding of social and political issues
  • tolerates differences of opinion
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