Student Learning Expectations

The St. Perpetua Schoolwide Learning Expectations 

I am a student of Catholic faith

+  I have a sincere relationship with God based in prayer

+  I know, understand, and practice the doctrines and

traditions of my Catholic faith

+  I strive to live like Jesus in how I conduct myself

+  I share my God-given talents in service to others


I am a life-long learner

+  I perform at or above established academic expectations

+  I work independently and collaboratively

+  I utilize all sources of information ethically


+  I strive to be organized, set and meet goals, and evaluate

my performance

+  I accept challenges and explore new ideas and learning



I am a well-rounded person who is respectful of our world and all of its cultures

+  I am aware of and respect others’ feelings and opinions

+  I communicate effectively to solve problems and resolve


+  I take responsibility for my own actions

+  I am a good steward of the Earth

+  I explore and appreciate the contributions of diverse

cultures and beliefs

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